When Hope Returns

  1. Real GDP per capita has been shrinking since 2014, and in 2020 South Africans, on average, were 10% poorer than in 2014.
  2. One-third of the population lives below the poverty line because of increasing unemployment. This is contributing directly to the increase in crime in South Africa.
  3. In 1990 South Africa generated 40,000 MW of electricity, which increased to 45,000 MW. But South Africa will need another 50,000 MW in the next decade. Given the track record set during the development of Kusile and Medupi, this is highly unlikely.
  4. Sixty-three percent of the country’s water and sewerage works are in a critical or poor state.
  5. The decay of rural roads is as bad as the dirt tracks of the nineteenth century.
  6. The World Bank surveyed the world’s ports and rated Durban, Cape Town, and Port Elizabeth amongst the worst in the world.
  7. The Post Office is almost non-existent, and the passenger rail network has completely collapsed.
  8. Sixty-four percent of Grade 6 pupils cannot read for understanding in any language.



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Justin Spencer-Young

Justin Spencer-Young


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