I am Trying to Answer 4 Questions About My New Book

Justin Spencer-Young
2 min readNov 21, 2022

I’m being tested. I’m outside my comfort zone and don’t have the answers. I’m just where I want to be.

One of my writing mentors has challenged me to be specific about my writing. Part of being specific requires me to answer several important questions.

Another mentor said I should build in public because that is the best way to hold myself accountable for achieving a significant goal.

I’m writing a book. The working title is “Navigating the Path of Life”. It is everything I wish I had known at the age of 21.

If I had a time machine and could travel back to meet a younger version of me, I would want to help that young man. I would help him by providing him with a map and some tools so he could better navigate the path of life.

I can’t help but wonder if that young man would be better or worse off for my help. I like to think he would be better off.

Knowing that I can’t travel back in time to help the younger version of me, I can at least help others.

I am stepping into my discomfort and making my first attempt to answer these four important questions:

Question 1: What question does my book answer?

How can a man journey into mature manhood, take responsibility for his life, and create a life of abundance?

Question 2: What problem does my book solve?

The new age woke/communist way is to make societies more dependent on the government. That means more overreaching government legislation and handouts for the poor. This creates a victim mentality and a disincentive for citizens to strive to be independent, resourceful, and educated.

My book lays out a path and provides direction and insight into creating a life of personal growth, resilience, and independence — thus creating opportunity for tremendous abundance in life.

Question 3: What solution am I unlocking?

The solution is for men to stand up for themselves and take responsibility for their lives. That means turning their back on victimhood and dependency. My book will help men discover and overcome that part of themselves they hide, repress, and deny. The shadow that holds them back and trips them up.

Question 4: How Am I going to complete this task?

Writing and publishing Atomic Essays and Twitter threads every day to test what I have learnt over many years of facilitating men’s work. The result will be a collection of content that makes up the bones of the book.

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