Barriers To Progress Are All Self-made

The only things standing in my way are things that I put there!

This is a list of obstacles that get in the way of a content creator. I feel the burn of facing these barriers every day. The only way through them is to acknowledge them and push past them. If you feel any of these barriers, you are not alone.

Imposter syndrome is feelings of self-doubt and incompetence despite your education, experience, and achievement. Unless you are a narcissist, you probably experience some form of self-doubt. I do, every day, right up until I hit the publish button. After that, it all goes away because there is little that I can do about what people think about my writing.

Self-confidence. The more I write and publish, the better I feel about what I write. It is a self-reinforcing cycle. The key is repetition. Just like a weightlifter, you must do the reps; there is no shortcut.

Procrastination. I’ll do it later. Tomorrow is another day; I’ll do it then. I can’t think of anything to write, maybe if I come back later, I’ll think of something. These are the thoughts that prevent action. Action breeds more action. Just do something to get over the inertia. After that, it will flow. I experience this every day.

Generating ideas. Ideas are all around us if we are open to seeing them. The more I write, the more I see. It is like a storage tank. As I write, I make space for more ideas to fill up the tank. If I stop writing, then there is no space for new ideas. It’s counterintuitive.

Perfectionism. I have never had this problem. 80% is good enough. Getting the last 20% right takes too much time, and the return is not worth the effort. There is always someone who will point out where you went wrong in the last 20%. Use that feedback rather than burning energy trying to see it yourself.

Distractions. Distraction and procrastination are best friends. Turn your email off, leave your phone in the room next door. Block out the time in your diary. No, another cup of coffee will not help the creative flow. Get the fingers moving on the keyboard, and the flow will come. It works this way every time.

Over editing. Was it a “glorious” morning for a run or an “awesome” morning? Which sounds better? Mostly, it doesn’t matter. What matters most is the overall theme and message of the work. Is it resonating with the audience? I am trying to find my groove. As much as I write for joy, my ego wants feedback from an article that resonates with the audience. I am often surprised.

Where to publish? Publish everywhere! Substack, Medium, Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter and my email list. Feedback, feedback, and more feedback. What works, what doesn’t. What hits the emotional connection? It’s a data collection game. More data improves my writing.

Consistency. Every publication is like spinning the wheel of fortune — the more spins, the more chance for wins. The habit of writing every day is like running every day. I do it to get fit. Mentally and physically. I’ve become obsessive about fitness. I think it is an age thing. I feel like I am running out of time!

Justin Spencer-Young



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Justin Spencer-Young

Justin Spencer-Young


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