A Journey to Remember

Going on a journey can be an adventure, especially when you can explore new places and have fantastic company along the way. I especially like an experience that involves a struggle. By a struggle, I mean that the adventure should push you out of your comfort zone and require a significant amount of effort to complete.

My recent adventure was to run from Port Edward to Hole in The Wall. The distance is 180km, and we completed the journey over seven days, averaging about 26km per day. We were eight runners, each carrying all that we needed on our backs. We had no support vehicle, no get-out-of-jail-free card, and only a GPS tracker to let our loved ones know where we were.

The seven days of running are all blended in my mind. Only with the aid of the mega-series of photos on my phone can I piece together the specifics of each day. We crossed dozens of rivers, some via local ferry, but mostly, we waded knee-deep, shoes and all. Preserving dry feet wasn’t worth the effort.

The most spectacular day was Day 3 from Lambazi Lodge to Mbotyi. There are two significant landmarks on the route. These are Waterfall Bluff and Cathedral Rock.

At Waterfall Bluff, the Mlambomkulu river forms a waterfall directly into the sea. It is a unique experience and part of the coastline that is very difficult to access.

Above the falls and a few kilometres towards Mbotyi is Cathedral Rock. The cliffs tower above the sea and make for the most incredible views of the crashing waves below. Those who are brave enough can get right to the edge and experience the breathtakingly steep drop-off. I wanted to sit and take in the vast expense, but unfortunately, the pressure of time meant we had to keep moving. I will return to this special place!

On day 7, as we approached Hole in The Wall, after climbing some of the steepest headlands I have ever experienced, I was aware of the building emotion within me. After a profoundly joyful experience, the sadness of seeing the end was starting to stir. I stood on the final hill and recorded a short video message for my daughter, who was travelling back to Varsity. I wanted to share a little piece of my journey with my special girl in the hope that one day she will come on an adventure like this with me.

As a final thought, I can’t wait for the next trail running adventure. Words and even pictures cannot do justice to the beautiful world that is on our doorstep. The next Wild Coast adventure is loading…

Justin Spencer-Young


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