10 Navigation Tools for Life

Justin Spencer-Young
2 min readAug 5, 2021


Navigating the journey of life is filled with emotion — fear, joy, sadness, and anger. To be successful, whatever that looks like for you, it helps to have a few indicators on the dashboard that can guide you.

Life can get overwhelming with so many things to look out for. Here are ten themes. Perhaps a more straightforward way to think of the themes is as buckets. These are buckets that contain goodies that belong together. Maybe even some tools to make life easier.

Filling these ten buckets with the right tools will help you navigate your journey along the path of life. Here are some tidbits that go in each bucket.

Bucket #1: Time — When you are young, you have more than you think. When you are old, you have less than you need. Start building now what you will need later.

Bucket #2: Health — Until you don’t have it, you hardly think about it. But if you work on preserving it, you are less likely to have to think about it.

Bucket #3: Wealth — This needs time; discover the power of compounding or get lucky.

Bucket #4: Ego — It will protect you, but if you don’t make friends with it will hold you back forever. Observe how your ego behaves when it is under threat; you might surprise yourself.

Bucket #5: Recovery — Knowing when and how to be kind to yourself is a superpower.

Bucket #6: Technology — It’s addictive, and it’s liberating, find balance and know when to disconnect.

Bucket #7: Change — Things change all the time; get used to it and embrace it. Become resilient.

Bucket #8: Network — A powerful tool to getting what you want requires nurture and giving to others. It would be best if you gave more than you get.

Bucket #9: Mission — A guiding light when life gets hard. Sometimes you need a reason to get out of bed. The best reason is often to be in service of others.

Bucket #10: Action — Try, test, publish, speak, draw, write, film, run, walk, swim, fly (if you can). All of these are better than thinking and wondering what could be.

My new book by the same title as this article is well underway. I’m excited about the content and all the exciting tools and goodies going into the buckets. The part that is powering me along is the exploration of combining tools from different buckets. What happens when you put Network, Technology and Wealth together?

Justin Spencer-Young

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